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Gary was the most responsive and kind realtor we have ever worked with. Moving my Mom from a condo to assisted living in a different city was not easy but Gary was there to help connect the dots every step of the way. He helped soften the blow of so many things happening at once, from routine items to the monumental task of helping us clean out a place that had 10+ years of “stuff” in it. His service to my Mom was outstanding and so personal that we sold the condo and all the paperwork was done we have remained friends. Thanks for selling the condo and everything you did for us, Gary. Much Appreciated!

S. Coleman

Thanks for writing! It certainly is a gorgeous condo and we hope the new buyer loves it as much as we do. We really enjoyed working with Gary and Plumlee Gulf Beach Realty. He is very professional. We look forward to selling more properties together. Have a great day!

Bonnie & Paul Schultheis

Gary Wilson is very good at his job. He made it extremely easy and a pleasurable experience, we would recommend him to anyone.

Bruce Heinke

Me and my wife have been looking for a condo for about four years now. It was by accident how Gary and I started talking. My daughter was on line looking at the place we booked for Spring break. She noticed a unit was for sale in the complex. We weren’t even interested in that unit but for some reason (and I still don’t know why) the next day just for the hell of it I called and talked to Gary. His info was listed as the agent to contact. I explained to him we have been looking for something nicer and our situation. I had three different realtors sending me information on a weekly basis. Every unit as so outdated and just plain blah. Within the hour Gary emailed me information and pictures on a couple units. So while we were down for Spring Break we decided to take a look. After we walked through 14010 Gulf View I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Incredible, and I used to build custom homes. Gary never forced the issue and was so professional. (If he was pushy, I would of have walked). I contacted him a couple weeks later with some questions and he was all over it. We ended up making a offer and flying out a couple days later to finalize. I built a 106 home sub division on a gulf course. I have gone through so many realtors I can’t begin to tell you nor would you want to hear about them. I only wish at that time I had one like him. After dealing with Gary on this transaction we don’t consider him our realtor but he is now a friend. I would recommend him to anybody. This put the icing on the cake. My wife or I will never forget this. My son is down there, as I write this, with three of his buddies to check out the unit. Gary called me to inform me where he was leaving the keys and asked what my son liked to drink that he was going to the store. I said Gary, seriously that is so thoughtful but you really don’t need to do that. He insisted. He sends me a picture of where the keys were located and not only water, but solo cups, brownies, snacks, chips, pop and other goodies for the boys. Now how many realtors would do that after the sale is final??? Every question I have for Gary he has responded in prompt fashion before and after the sale. All I can say is Plumlee Properties have a very good man working for them and is very fortunate. Its hard to find good help now a days. I’m sure we will be doing other deals in the future…

Ron Nabhan

We wanted to share our experience with Gary. We were in the process of moving from Kansas City back the Tampa Bay area. Our previous home sales and purchases were handled by Barbara Howard who no longer lives in Florida. But we’ve remained friends with her over the years and when asked for a reference for an agent in Florida, she reached out to her resources and requested that we received the best around. We strongly feel that is what we got with Gary. When we first met with him on a visit to Florida we were not 100% sure we were going to make the move back. Furthermore we advised him that a final decision may not come for several months and even at that the move would hinge on what movement we would get on our house in Kansas City. Despite the uncertainty Gary was proactively diligent for those several months in answering long distant questions and searching for home within our desired criteria. Once we had sold our home and moved to the phase of a home search in Florida Gary continued to stay on top of our high-level needs and concerns that come along with a long-distance relocation. He quickly understood our personal needs and tastes in regards to our future home and had all details readily available for any questions and concerns we may have had for each and every home we looked into. We were fascinated with his knowledge, experience and expertise in the industry which gave us great confidence and kept us at ease throughout the entire process. It was especially obvious that while real estate is his business, job and provides his income that he first and foremost did not want to just make a transaction but wanted to find us a home we were happy with. He was always in our corner and standing up for what we needed in regards to any seller’s agent and was on top of ironing out any wrinkles that may have come up during the entire process. We were a picky family when it comes to customer service. We will quickly inform anyone of terrible service, say nothing about average service but scream from the mountain tops with a great experience. We would easily and highly recommend to anyone trying to sell or buy a home that they should use Gary Wilson. Sincerely –

Erich and Shanti Rivers